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Glass Shower Enclosures

A custom shower enclosure can add a new dimension to any bathroom. Coleman Glass & Mirror can handle any shower update project from start to finish. Call the custom glass shower experts at Coleman Glass & Mirror to walk you through the entire process from design and installation, to completion with 100% satisfaction of your new glass shower enclosure. Please take a moment to view the photo gallery to see for yourself how a new custom shower enclosure can transform and add aesthetic appeal to the look of your bathroom.

What will make the difference in your shower door purchase? The difference is our product knowledge and experience. We’ve built our reputation on making your shower door installation fast, easy, and efficient. Our expert glass technicians have been with Coleman Glass & Mirror for many years, and have extensive experience in residential and commercial installations of all types.

Homeowners and building contractors throughout the Brevard & Indian River Counties, Florida area have come to rely on Coleman Glass & Mirror to provide high-quality and affordable shower door solutions for any application. We carry full lines from national manufacturers and provide unmatched installation experience for residential and commercial jobs of all sizes.

Benefits of Glass Shower Enclosures

A Sharp Looking Investment: A frameless glass shower installation is an investment that lasts. You can be sure your frameless glass door will require little maintenance or repair. Fewer metal parts mean less collected grime to clean on a regular basis. The clean-cut lines of frameless glass shower doors are its most striking visual effect, allowing your bathroom color choices to pop against the brightness of the glass.

Simple to Clean: One of the most convenient benefits of frameless glass shower doors is their ease of cleaning. Glass doors are simple to maintain. Simply apply a transparent polymer coating (TPC) to the frameless glass shower door to help prevent the buildup of mold and reduce mildew.

Rust-free: Rust will not be a problem with your new shower enclosure. This benefit will help your bathroom retain value when you consider selling your home. Beyond the visual benefits, less metal in a moist environment contributes toward a less corrosive atmosphere in your bathroom. Frameless glass shower doors offer your bathroom a high-class appearance that’s easy to maintain.