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Residential / Interior Glass Products

At Coleman Glass & Mirror our residential glass products and services are designed with one purpose in mind – the needs of our customers. We provide a full line of residential glass solutions that combine style, durability, function, and most important affordability. Maybe you have not noticed before but take a quick look around your home and you will see that you are surrounded by all types of glass. So if you plan to replace existing glass with a newer look, or a remodel project that will add more glass to your home, Coleman Glass & Mirror has the residential glass products, experience, and installation expertise to make your dreams become reality.

Glass makes up a significant part of every home – inside and out. Coleman Glass & Mirror works with the leading manufacturers in the glass industry to provide a full line of glass solutions for homeowners, contractors, builders and designers.

Types of Residential Glass

Frameless Shower Doors

When it comes to interior design in your bathroom, frameless glass shower doors never fail to bring out that touch of quality, class, and elegance. Glass shower doors are manufactured in a variety of styles and designs and offer many distinctive options in types of glass. Choosing a specific type of glass can bring out a certain mood perfectly suited to complement your bathroom. Let the experts at Coleman Glass & Mirror help you select the perfect shower doors that is sure to impress!

Tinted and Coated Glass

Clear glass was the primary glazing material used in the glass industry for decades. Glazing technology has changed drastically during the past two decades. Research and development into different types of glazing has created a new generation of glazing materials. Special tints and coatings have greatly increased energy efficiency in windows and doors.

Table Tops and Bar Tops

An easy and affordable way to protect your furniture such as; dining room tables, desks, counter tops, patio furniture, end tables, dressers, and bar tops is to protect it with glass. Coleman Glass & Mirror can custom cut and fit glass to conform to almost any piece of furniture that has a flat top. If it’s flat, we can cover it with glass!

Glass can be used just for the top surface or we can design and construct a piece of furniture completely out of glass. With the wide range in selection of glass tints, thicknesses, edging, and shapes available on the market, our glass designers can help you design whatever you’re looking for. If it can be done with glass, Coleman Glass & Mirror can make it happen.

Cabinet Glass

Looking to spice up your kitchen cabinets? Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing kitchen, we have simple solutions that add elegance to your home. Just choose from our huge selection of decorative patterned glass. The glass you choose can easily be installed into your kitchen cabinet doors. This is an affordable way to turn your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass better known as I.G. Units or thermo panes consists of two or more panes of glass separated by a spacer and sealed primarily with a poly isobutylene, with secondary seals of polyurethane or silicone also available. Low-emission glass (Low-E) is a clear glass with a microscopically thin coating of metal oxide which helps make your insulated glass more efficient. This allows the sun’s heat and light to pass through the glass into the building. At the same time it blocks the heat from leaving the room, reducing heat loss considerably.

Impact Resistant Glass

Impact resistant glass is essentially glass that has been reinforced by glazing or a laminated material. This makes it less likely to shatter. Like bulletproof glass (which stays together when damaged because of wire mesh within the glass), impact resistant glass will break but stay attached to itself because of another material. However, there is more to its construction than simply the glass. Impact resistant windows are also required to have a particularly strong, reinforced frame. This glass application is designed for hurricane zones due to extra strength engineered into the glass to resist damage when exposed to hurricane force winds.